We’re Streaming

L adies and gents, Founders and Fails, welcome to the next evolution of Founders@Fail. We’re dropping knowledge from the startup trenches directly to your desktop. In addition to our monthly meetups, we’re kicking off a streaming web show. Every week, we’ll release a new episode. So pick up the Ben & Jerry’s, settle in, and enjoy a good kick in the teeth from today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs. I can promise one thing: we don’t pull our punches and don’t shy away from asking tough questions. This isn’t 60 Minutes. It’s real advice from entrepreneurs who are struggling with real challenges. There’s no spin and no press releases. The stories aren’t always pretty, but they’re the ones worth hearing. For those of you out there trying to build a business- if you don’t walk away thinking about what you’re going to do differently, you’re not listening.