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Guys, I need to explain an important difference. PR ain’t the same thing as Marketing. You might as well compare crutches and a car. Yeah, they both help you get around, but that’s about all they have in common. Marketing is about customer acquisition. PR is about creating “buzz.” Usually, the thought process goes something [...]

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Sign on the dotted line…

I will never forget my first deal. It was tiny, but it was going to be my startup’s first paying customer and you fight for those pennies… After months cold calling, hundreds of calls, countless meetings, this was the only deal I had to show for it. We were halfway through a 3 month trial [...]

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We’re Streaming

Ladies and gents, Founders and Fails, welcome to the next evolution of Founders@Fail. We’re dropping knowledge from the startup trenches directly to your desktop. In addition to our monthly meetups, we’re kicking off a streaming web show. Every week, we’ll release a new episode. So pick up the Ben & Jerry’s, settle in, and enjoy [...]

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