Shane Snow: Contently


Shane shares how to fire the wrong customers while training the right ones to become great.


  • Reward the right customers by giving them incentives that improve your business. Contently closed down its beta to eliminate customers that hurt the brand.

  • Customer acquisition strategy: Eat your own dogfood. Contently’s business is content marketing so it publishes its own blog and guest posts on Mashable & SAI

  • New hires: it’s easy to expect them to know what you know and to lose patience if they have questions that you answered for yourself months ago. Don’t. Be patient.

  • Project management: use a tool like, layout the product roadmap for the next 2 years and under each stickynote build out the features in each release.

  • Transitioning from an operator to delegator as team scales: I’m used to getting some initiative and just going for it and now I have to clearly define what the steps are in my head.

  • Lessons Learned: when it comes to product, release as fast as you can. BUT when it comes to hiring, take your time to get it right. Do your homework in the hiring process.

  • Shareability and stickyness is the metric defining quality of content on the internet- not page views.


About Shane:

Shane Snow is the co-Founder of Contently, a platform where real journalists can manage their freelance careers, and where brands-turned-publishers can create and manage editorial operations. Put simply, they are the “anti-content-farm.”

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