Neil Capel: Sailthru

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Neil got married, launched Sailthru, and went out to fundraise the same week Lehman collapsed. Macro may be out of your control, but it didn’t stop this guy.


  • Tell your story: as a CTO I’d outsourced email and it never worked- so I built a product to solve my own problem.

  • Can’t control macro: started Sailthru the week Lehman collapsed so instead of raising funding, bootstrapped to $20k per month. Persevere no matter what.

  • Find an ombudsman: didn’t know fundraising process so I started by talking to a friend who did at NYCSeed who introduced me to others.

  • Leverage Investors: It’s in an interested party’s interest to introduce you to others in order to raise a round.

  • Don’t overcomplicate your fundraise: should have done a convertible note instead of priced seed round.

  • Speak Investor’s language: Know how to talk to investors and realize they are partners. Be honest. They’ll find out anyway.

  • Learn how to motivate your team. If you’re going to do something, do it well.

About Neil:

Neil Capel is the co-founder and CEO of Sailthru, which provides true one-to-one targeting for publishers across both email and webpages. Prior to Sailthru, Neil served as CTO to Hyphen, Musicnation, ASmallWorld, Money-Media, as well as CEO of Redscope. A graduate of University of Portsmouth, Neil has true technical expertise in LAMP, cloud based systems, systems arch, scaling, email, management of technology teams. He also happens to have a wicked sense of humor.

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