Jordy shares how vision, passion, and a bit of social engineering helps to light a fire under customers’ butts…


  • Build assets: we collect behavioral data on our shoppers [even if] we’re not doing anything with it yet. That way there’s an entire behavioral data business in the bank for us.

  • Give people something to believe in: important recruiting tool. It’s really easy to believe in what we believe in- people should get better customer service.

  • Resist feature leak: customers may ask for consulting services, but there’s really no room for that in our business model.

  • Credibility: why should prospects listen to you? Demonstrate genuine passion and ask for feedback.

  • Give people something to believe in: always risky for early adopters to put their brand next to a startup’s. It took a belief in who we are and what we are doing [to seal the deal].

  • Convert lost prospects: when a co has poor customer service and is ineligible for our seal, it feeds into our other business model which is selling the data on industry standards.

  • The Press love nothing more than to highlight people that are doing bad things. Give them what they want and light a fire under your prospect’s butt.

About Jordy:

Jordy Leiser is the CEO and Founder of STELLAService, which helps shoppers cut through the clutter of e-retailers to discover who really delivers best-in-class customer service.

Prior to STELLAService, Jordy worked in investment banking at JPMorgan. Jordy spent his younger years in Colorado before heading east to Bucknell University, graduating magna cum laude with a double major in Economics and Political Science. He also studied Marketing at the London School of Economics.

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